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Anti-Spam Policy

SuccessByEmail is meant for legitimate email marketers.

Spammers are not welcome. has been specifically developed for legitimate e-marketers to be used only for sending permission-based, opt-in email. does not support the use of SPAM (unsolicited e-mail), and has implemented numerous strategies to prevent this from happening. policies include:

  1. Encouragement of permission-based marketing.

  2. Strictly prohibit to be used for SPAM purposes. Any subscriber that is sending SPAM is in breach of our terms of use and will be prohibited from using the service.

  3. has implemented checks and balances to help you comply with CASL, PIDEDA and CAN-SPAM privacy and anti-spam legislations.

  4. Every message that is sent via gives the recipient the option to truly          unsubscribe from that list, or globally from all future messages.

Further to the above listed policies that uses to encourage permission-based email marketing; we routinely scrutinize uploaded lists. This scrutiny helps to uphold SuccessByEmail's reputation as well as that of the e-marketer. Should consistent complaints arise from the campaigns of any one marketer, they will be warned, and if complaints continue to persist, SuccessByEmail has the rights to discontinue their membership.

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