Advanced Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Dig deep to guage message performance and determine how your customers interact with your emails.  Take advantage of all the advanced reporting that SuccessByEmail has to offer.

See how your message is perfoming while learning more about the constitution and behavior of people in your lists.  Take advantage of the advanced reports that SuccessByEmail offers:


  • Message open statistics, including detailed open reports & performance over time

  • Engagement Report that tells you who your most engaged contacts are.  SuccessByEmail analyzes all of the messages that have been sent to a contact and how many times they open and interact with your messages. This report is essential in following up on hot leads and contacts.

  • Click through statistics with detailed reporting

  • Bounce Back statistics with detailed reporting

  • Detailed unsubscribe reports (list-specific and global unsubscribes)

  • R.O.I. (Revenue) & site visitation reports (who visited our site and conducted a transaction)

  • Geolocation statistics (from where in the world are people opening your email)

  • Email client & platform statistics (from what devices and email clients are people opening)

  • Review message comments (see what people think about your email message)

  • CASL & CAN-SPAM compliance and opt-in reports (see who subscribed into your list and when)

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