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Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Deployment sheduling, marketing automation, autoresponders, social media integration and powerful message retargetting.

Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Marketing Automation, Autoresponders & Triggers

Automatically email the right people at the right time based on triggers such as birthdays.



Personalize any message by dynamically inserting field values, such as first and last name.

A/B split testing by from address or subject line


Social Media

Automatically post & share your message onto Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Send from any place and at any time

Send your emails immediately, or schedule them for future delivery, including different time zones.


Powerful Message Retargetting

Easily send a message to individuals based on past performance.  This means that you can send an email to those who opened, or did not open a past message; or that clicked/did not click on a certain link from a past message.

Litmus Spam and Design Testing

Before deploying, check to see what other spam tools thing of your message.  While you're at it you can also see how your email renders on all major emails platforms (such as Outlook) and mobile devices.

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